Angry Trees

Angry Trees, also known as the Spirits of the Arcane, is a Neo Gnostic Techno (NGT) project, the brainchild of Suzy Blue and C0unt WAVnstein.  The project's first recorded track was inspired by DJ Kirin's 'House of Fab' underground techno sets in Second Life, so we named the first track in his honour.    Extra synths on the House of Fab track were provided by the inimitable Bruno Stachel of Kuato Hammer.   Guitars on Fallout were performed by Swift.  Reverend Jim Jones, Neville Chamberlain and Richard Taylor Cartoons' "Protect and Survive", provided vocal content.  The CBC Documentary: How To Go Out of Your Mind: The LSD Crisis (1966), provided the sample of the "beautiful" girl, whose name, despite our best efforts, we haven't been able to find out.

The Debut E.P.

C0_WAV:  "With Suzy Blue, an overzealous (possibly mad) designer, operating in a song-writer / producer role and telling me that what I was doing isn't up to par or doesn't work, I was forced to abandon my usual formula of arranging tracks and actually push the boundaries of my approach and work ethic.  Between the two of us, we've come up with something I believe is rather eccentric and pretty fuckin' good.

Shouts to Baktery and Awesome, whose Skale Tracker program was used to handle the samples.  This is FREEWARE and is available here:

All tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at Chateau Graylands, which in true rock and roll style is a tiny studio with walls the colour of a nicotine stained lung and an aroma of stale booze.  I have managed to get a setup in there that has a fully working Linux based multitrack system, so I'm no longer compelled to dishonour myself by running Windows or Mac OS.  In spite of the fact that when it comes to coding I'm an absolute disaster, I do love poking around in operating systems and figuring out what makes them tick, which helped with this.  I do still have a PC that runs Windows 10; I don't ever intend to have one that runs Windows 11."