◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► is a loose collaboration of musicians, actors, hippies, computer geeks and political commentators.  Information must be free or society will end up in chains.  This does not mean free as in gratis, it means that information should be freely exchanged.  It's already free in the gratis sense; anything you want to know you just look on google.   Free means that our data should not be mined and stored without our consent and then used to manipulate us; that information should not be kept out of the public domain and used against us by greedy, monolithic corporations or by the people elected (if we're lucky and live in certain parts of the world) under the pretext of serving and representing us.  Information has now overtaken oil as the most valuable commodity on Earth.  Whoever controls information controls the planet.

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► is only available on YouTube, because YouTube has royalty sharing arrangements for the samples.  There's no charge for any of the F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1son stuff.  Anyone who wants a copy of it to keep should use 4K Downloader on Windows systems or Video Downloader on Linux systems.

illegitimi non carborundum  -- c0unt WAVnstein

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F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n - Radio F.P.

F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n - There's Nowhere To Go

New Album by F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n.  Written by C0unt WAVnstein, except where otherwise stated.  With Suzy Blue and Evi Fenway.

F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n - The System Is Scuffed

Debut Album by F3ar_1s_A_Pr1s0n.  Written by C0unt WAVnstein, except where otherwise stated.  With Bruno Stachel and Suzy Blue.

Surveillance State:  Written by Count Wavnstein.  Extra Synths by Bruno Stachel of Kuato Hammer.  Video starring Gabriella Traversa, Count Wavnstein and Stephanie Burton.  Camera by Claire Miller.

Kino Runner - Written and Performed by Count Wavnstein.  Video edited by Count Wavnstein.  Narrated by Suzy Blue.  Extra synths on tracks 01 and 04 by Bruno Stachel of Kuato Hammer.

F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n - Astronomical

F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n - There's Nowhere To Go

F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n - Internal Colonization - Imperial Vodka Remix

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - A Special News Bulletin

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - Tracker Mod Demos

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - Forton Cyberfunk

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - Android Army

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - Illegitimi Non Carborundum

◄F3ar‡1s‡A‡Pr1s0n► - Radio F.P.