17th May 2022 - Phosgenic Ripper Productions is born.

18th May 2022 - F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n Album, The System Is Scuffed, on YouTube.

18th May 2022 - Projects added for Popping Cherries, Moonstruck, Fear Is A Prison, Black Heart Photography and The Graylands Tapes.

31st May 2022 - James MacKnight books added, selling on Amazon on Kindle and Paperback.  The Perestroika Paradigm (cyberpunk novel), The Blood Ties of Morrigan (vampire porn) and Money Talks, Music Walks (a combination of black comedy and forensic examination of the shit-show that is the modern music business).

22nd July 2022 - Book release:  Popping Cherries - From  Somewhere Between Heaven, Hell & Morrison's Liquor Aisle.  Available on Amazon, link provided on Popping Cherries page in Portfolio menu.

08th August 2022 - Popping Cherries, Five-by-Five, on the playlist at Irvine Beat FM.

02nd September 2022 - Popping Cherries, filming of The Pretentious, Unscripted Road Movie.

01st October 2022 - Book release:  A Phosgenic Genesis lyric book released on Amazon, paperback and Kindle Unlimited.

26th December 2022 - Popping Cherries Heaven and Hell E.P. and accompanying videos on YouTube.

07th April 2023 - F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n Album, There's Nowhere To Go, on YouTube.

05th May 2023 - Angry Trees project added to Portfolio.

04th April 2023 - Popping Cherries Single 'All Or Nothing' released.

23rd May 2023 - Angry Trees E.P. Inaugural released on Bandcamp.

30th August 2023 - New Popping Cherries Single 'Pick Who You Pander To' with Stephen McLean taking a turn at lead vocals.

17th October 2023 - Popping Cherries Single 'Wounds' released.

22nd October 2023 - Popping Cherries Single 'All Or Nothing' released.

26th November 2023 - Fear Is A Prison VLOG - The Music, Visuals and Politics Explained.

10th December 2023 - Beneath the House Upon The Hill, by RAGE, recorded at Chateau Graylands.

06th January 2024 - Kuato Hammer's Quantum remixed by Angry Trees.

11th February 2024 - Fear Is A Prison album Radio F.P. released.