Popping Cherries

Our seminal extreme-low budget vampire short film. We had a shitty old camera from cash converters that took Mini-DV tapes that glitched all the time, we had an editor with one overlay track and no chroma-key facilities, a computer so underpowered that we had to open it up and blow desk fans on the processor to bounce and only one professional actor (the rest were friends who were press-ganged into it). However, it was fun and we still like it.

Horrorshow - Russian Roulette - Video - Filmed at The Smoking Goat in Ayr by Ian Downie.

Family Ties Video - Filmed on location in ruined churches in Ayrshire. They charge very competitive rates, as did Stuart Henderson, the camera operator.

Bulletproof video, containing Elm Street like nightmare sequences. Mary, our electronic drummer, had a nightmare about an unhandled kernel exception.

Gothic Kisses video Mark III. Thanks to Molly Stewart for turning up and being a good sport. Filmed on location at Crosbie Kirk while it's under reconstruction, giving us piles of rubble and scaffolding to play around in... You should see the photos.

Not No More video. We decided to let Mary, our electronic drummer, have a starring role in this one, so a lot of it was filmed on location in Second Life, although she does make an appearance in Fullarton Woods right at the end.

Chewing Gum - Song and video about the death throes of a toxic, co-dependent relationship... Filmed mainly at Alloway Kirk and Crosbie Kirk.

Life's A Bitch Video - Filmed in Soundmagic Studios in Ayr, Crosbie Kirk in Troon and Chateau Graylands. Plenty of bravura performances in this one.

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The Pretentious, Unscripted Road Movie

Popping Cherries decided to follow in the footsteps of the greats, The KLF, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and U2, by going out with no plan, no script and no story, and filming their own pretentious, unscripted road movie...