Rogues Gallery

C0unt WAVnstein

Skills:  Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Immersive Audio, Multitrack Recording and Mixdown, Mastering Engineer, Video Editor, Musician, Songwriter, Music Producer, Linux Geek, ANSI Artist, Novelist.

Projects:  F3ar 1s A Pr1s0n, Angry Trees, The Moonstruck Project, Popping Cherries, The Graylands Tapes, The Blood Ties of Morrigan Trilogy, The Perestroika Paradigm.

Interests:  Retro Computing, Hacker Culture, Counter Culture, Skateboarding (although too scared to get on one at my age), Cyberpunk, Vampire Fiction, Steampunk, Black Metal, Space Exploration, Chip Music, Demoscene, Pixel Art, Horror Movies, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Virtual Worlds, Machinima, Wicca and Neo-Paganism, Political Activism, Photography, Photo Editing.

Why I'm doing this:  Trying to find an alternative way to generate some publicity in a way that's in accordance with my ethics, and doesn't involve selling my soul to the corporates who run the creative arts industries.  We now live in a world of 360 deals, three second soundbites, tik-tok videos, Instagram (the wolf of facebook, clad in a stolen pelt, fleeced from a slaughtered sheep), A&R people who openly brag about the 30 second limit of their gnat-like attention span...  So, with my endearing attitude unlikely to cut much ice with the traditional ways into the creative industries...   better to try this instead.  

Illegitimi non carborundum -- c0_wav -- 2022.


Skills:  Photography, Photo Editing, Lyricist, Videography, Script Writing, Author, Music Video Production.

Projects:  Popping Cherries, Temptation's Peak, Beyond Empty, Forbidden Fruit, Black Hearts Photography, Bruja Bitches.

Interests:  Movies, Music, TV Shows, Photography, Pagan Witchcraft, Animals.

Why I'm doing this:  Because it seemed like a good idea.

Suzy Blue

Skills:  Voice Artist, Sound Design, Graphic Design, Videography, Photography, Photo Editing, Digital Compositing, Copy Editing, Research.

Projects:  Angry Trees, Fear Is A Prison, Popping Cherries, The Perestroika Paradigm, Let Us Refresh Your Memory, Bruja Bitches, Stockmarket of Skyrim, Riften Backwoods Mod.

Interests:  Goth Industrial Music, Second Life, Digital Media, Folklore, Game Mechanics, Sherlock Homes, Royal Game of Ur, Coin Collecting, Extreme Weather and Geology, Embroidery.

Why I'm doing this:  Because they made me do it!

Baron Von Bass Amp

Skills:  Bass Player, Music Composer, Lyric Writer.

Projects:  Long Day Living, Popping Cherries, Earthbound, Acoustic Project (as yet unnamed).

Interests:  Reading, Writing Fiction, US Sports, All Things Star Trek, Collecting Music, PS3 and X-Box, Coffee.

Why I'm doing this:  Apocalyptic scenarios were implied if I declined.