The Moonstruck Project is a goth / black metal inspired necrosound production with new-age influences.  Inspired by the unkempt landscape of Ayrshire on the south west coast of Scotland, Moonstruck is about the old ruined castles and kirks, the ghost stories, the dark winter's nights and the characters who have livec here, past and present...

C0unt WAVnstein - Bass, Guitars, Synths, ZX Spectrums , Drums.

Bruno Stachel - Synths, Keyboards, Piano

Alan Frew - Guitar, Lead Guitar

Suzy Blue - Lyrics on Pirates of The Search For Meaning

Kimberly Tribble - Lyrics on My Beautiful Rain

Melissa Winning and Kimberly Tribble - Cover Photo Models

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In the Shadow of The Gray Dawn

Morrigan Invokation

Mourning Angel

Lady Susanna

Bide By The Moon - Fetisch-Königin