Second Life

Second Life, aside from being a den of iniquity on a par with Mos Eisley Space Port, is an excellent place for building and creating all kinds of content from explorable cities, to seedy clubs, to animated films or machinima as they're called when created in video game style environments.   You can also hold outdoor raves, have parties, go flying or sailing, explore Lovecraftian horrors, build retro computing museums, visit reactor four at Chernobyl, take a walk through Roger Dean landscapes...  The opportunities are endless.  I personally like to build cybercities and take photographs and machinima shots in them.

Second Life, created by Linden Labs, was inspired by Neal Stephenson's metaverse, the computer generated alternate reality that the society  in his dystopian classic, Snowcrash (1992), created and inhabited to escape from the hideousness of their everyday lives.

Second Life was created around the same time Mark Zuckerberg was successfully sued by the Winklevoss twins for stealing Facebook from Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra, yet Zuckerberg has renamed his company 'Meta' as he pretends that the metaverse was all his big idea.  No mention of Neal Stephenson, let alone Linden Labs.

While it's possibly worth noting that Stephenson created the metaverse as a warning against how appalling the future might turn out, this does not alter the fact that Second Life is already doing pretty much everything that Meta proposes to do, and has been for the last twenty years.  Not that the Zuckmeister would ever appropriate, legally or otherwise, other people's ideas...  Like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp...   Well, here's the complete list.

Iona-5 Cyber City 

Second Life

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The Perestroika Paradigm Machinima

The Iona-5 Lammas Day (2022) Rave

Lammas Day Rave in Iona-5 City.  We had a burning wicker man and sacrificed an SL virgin.  The party was very noisy at first with lot's of people in, and then quietened down towards the end of the second hour.  We spent a lot of time setting up lighting rigs, pyrotechnics and various other props, including an altar for the ceremonial sacrifice.  As finding a virgin in Second Life proved utterly impossible, one called Daemon Virgin was created by Tam Bee Trouble.  Daemon Virgin is named after our Second Life home, Daemon Haven, one of the Zoha Islands.  There was only one arrest made, a griefer, who was unceremoniously ejected from the parcel, and a good time was had by all.

All things considered a very successful event.  It does, however, leave us in the position of having to find something even more ludicrous to do for our next one.

Shouts To:  DJ Bunny and Evi Fenway for the music, Tam Bee Trouble for creating Daemon Virgin, Evi Fenway for performing the sacrifice, all at Iona-5 for contributing to the design and decoration of the square in front of the Hanoi Hilton, and finally everyone who attended (because the guests maketh the night).


Second Life can also be useful for creating music videos, with dance choreography, backdrops and locations that would be impossible, or at least ridiculously expensive and difficult, in real life.

Walkthrough and commentary for the Iona-5 City Sim in Sanctum Erotes, in Second Life